Chris von Csefalvay

Born in Budapest, Hungary and educated at Oxford and Cardiff, Chris von Csefalvay is an epidemiologist, data scientist & AI expert with an emphasis on using technology to help people live longer, healtier lives.

Following a career in corporate law and later in intelligence analysis, Chris von Csefalvay held a range of senior corporate data science roles, including as RB plc’s first Chief Data Scientist, a senior data science position at Volkswagen’s Munich Data Lab, as well as various senior roles in computational epidemiology. He was a founding partner and Head of Data Science and Medical Epidemiology of London-based global biosecurity consultancy CBRD. Since 2018, he has been serving as VP Special Projects of Starschema, a transatlantic IT professional services company headquartered in Arlington, VA.

The author of numerous studies (classified and public alike) and holder of several patents, Chris von Csefalvay is currently working on his first monograph, The Thin Red Thread: a human, cultural and social history of ebolaviruses from Yambuku through Kikwit to Reston, the West African Ebola Epidemic and the outbreak still raging through Nord-Kivu and Ituri. He is a visiting lecturer in mathematics at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, where he has supervised several MSc thesis students, and a one-time winner of the Martin Wronker Prize. His current work in epidemiology focuses on filoviruses and on strategies of resistance and resilience, including defensible space models and coping with the dangers posed by vaccine hesitancy. He is a globally recognised consultant to governments about increasing vaccination rates and the significance of vaccination mandates for the protection of public health.

Chris von Csefalvay’s artificial intelligence research is largely focused on computer vision, in particular applications of computer vision that involve medical imagery, from cytopathological specimens to the complexity of MRI scans and ultrasound recordings.

He shares his life with his wife Kathryn von Csefalvay, an illustrator and art historian, as well as River, a feisty tortoiseshell kitten, and Oliver (aka Blissful Goldens Amber Shine), a 7-month-old Golden Retriever. Besides a passion for rowing that traces back to his university years on his college 1st VIII, he’s an enthusiastic yachtsman, a qualified pilot (fixed-wing instrument qualifications and multi-engine quals) and a lover of all things space. In his spare time, he is involved with a number of charities and nonprofits in the health and social care field.